Loud Mommy

Loud Mommy Ministries is specifically designed to provide support for mothers who have to be advocates for their autistic children. For mothers who have to be voices for their non-verbal child. For mothers who believe there is more we can do for our autistic kids than sit back and do nothing. For mothers who go above and beyond the call of duty, emotionally and physically fighting against a disability that threatens the life their child is owed. For the mother that insists that no matter what, their child get treated no different than any other child.

We fight a battle that too often looks invisible. Autism is a disability that affects a child’s social, behavior and language skills. Sitting there, an autistic child can look entirely normal. Screaming or throwing a temper tantrum, they can look like an uncontrollable maniac, only proving that you have been failing in the parenting department. Either way, no one can see the daily battles that we as mothers go through to understand our autistic children’s needs.

Having a non-verbal child, which is often the case with autism, is incredibly hard. We imagine our lives as mothers from the day that we first start playing house. Never does the word autism or apraxia make its way into our dreams. Now we have our baby, our pride and joy, and we watch them struggle with the most menial tasks. We watch other children fly with ease through the same tasks. This doesn’t make us love our children any less; this is far from the truth. We love our child with every fiber of our beings, hence why we are willing to do anything and everything we can do to be advocates on their behalf. To be their voice. To be a Loud Mommy.

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