Sunday, December 12, 2010

First Post! W00T!

Well! I decided to go for it! I'm going to blog about Grady's progress, which will hopefully be massive, in the next few months! Right now the blog is pretty basic as I try to figure my way around this website but I want to add info about the different programs/applications Grady is using and the vitamins Grady is taking. Its as much for me to keep track of Grady as it is for me to be a help to anyone else who might happen across this blog!

Walking into Wal-mart Friday night was completely unreal, let me start with that. It was like I was walking in slow motion. I met my husband in that same department 6.5 years ago and I know everyone who works back there. Judy, the lady who sold the iPad to me was all smiles and so excited for us. She even gave me a $5 dollar Wal-mart gift card towards it. Ha ha! :o) Once it was mine, walking out with it was even MORE unreal. I couldn't believe that just a week prior I had sat on my couch in tears reading that I wouldn't be able to get an iPad from that organization. many people to thank...all I can do is pray that God bless them in a MAJOR MAJOR way!

I downloaded iCommunicate right away. It is amazing. I'm going to do a tour video through it soon. I created a bunch of little folders right away to help Grady with schedules and meals. Saturday morning Grady asked for Grape Juice and Granola for breakfast. Ha ha! And he got it! Right now his favorite things to ask for are Mario and Kisses. Its so hilarious!

Please excuse my stylish good! Anyways, we downloaded a few games as well. He really loves those as well. Grady is quite good at puzzles and loves anything that involves popping things on screen! Ha ha!

Well I suppose that is it for tonight! I'll work on this blog more tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to tracking this whole amazing journey. So far, almost every word he taps he tries to repeat in his own little way. And my heart melts all over the floor.... <3


  1. I'm so excited for your family...and to follow you on this journey!!! *DING*

  2. I'm excited for you!! BTW, his laugh is infectious! :)

  3. Amazing Tara!! I cried like a baby watching your precious little guy!!! (Autismmom) :)

  4. How amazing!!!Your an angel.Hes beautiful.