Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First School Christmas Party

Today was Grady's first preschool Christmas Party. I accidentally overslept and Grady who normally is up right at the same time every day, slept in too! So I flew out of bed and woke my little guy up. We both got dressed and flew downstairs to get a breakfast/lunch meal started. Fortunately the bus driver called and said they were going to be 40 minutes behind schedule. So we slowed our pace and after MUCH consulting, lol, we decided to make Christmas cookies for his classmates.

I whipped up some sugar cookie dough (Grady poured the sugar and the flour) and found our ONE Christmas themed cookie cutter, a tree. I rolled out the dough for Grady and he immediately picked up the cookie cutter and smashed it down! Perfect! After he cranked out a couple of trees, Grady did something that is a perfect example of Apraxia. Apraxia is a communication disorder in which a person has trouble saying what he or she wants to say correctly and consistently. Many times you will see a person be able to say something suddenly and out of the blue and then never say it again. This happens with Grady every now and again and it can be so exciting. Then, such a let down. If he says something perfectly I tend to know its more of a "fluke" then anything because he has such a hard time talking. Anyhow, he whipped that cookie cutter down on the dough, looked up at me, smiled and said "Grady Did It!" I was shocked! My heart melted down to my toes. The rest of the cookie making time was spent with me repeating it over and over, desperately trying to get him to repeat it. He didn't but its okay! :o) One day... :o) At least I know he has a good self talk going on up there even if I don't get to hear it all of the time!

The party went well. The parents were invited to show up a tad later so Grady was very surprised to see me when I arrived. He didn't seem quite as overwhelmed by this party as he did at the Halloween Party but there were a ton more people at that party. He was extremely attached to me which was nice. :o) Sometimes I wonder if he even notices me but today he was thrilled to see me, grabbed my hand to bring me to the circle, sat on my lap, wanted hugs, "Squishes", and kisses! The other kids are SO good to him. So sweet! They all love giving him hugs which he loves because of the pressure, otherwise I think he could care less! LOL!

Going to try to work on the blog a bit tonight and work on a view tour videos on the iPad! :o) I'll leave you with a video of Grady getting a present from his Aunt Joyce! Love you all! :o)

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